June 12, 2021


Held at Sun Dog Training Facility, Romeo, MI

​Sign up: 10:00-10:30 a.m. / Start Time: 10:30 a.m.
Sign up fee:  $75.00 per dog.


October 2, 2021



Held at Sun Dog Training Facility, Romeo, MI

Sign up: 9:00 a.m. / Start Time: 10:00 a.m.
Sign up fee:  $100.00 per dog.

Sign Up Fee:   $75.00 per dog, (Great Lakes and Southeast Regional Championship: $100.00)

Spectator fee: $5.00.

A Street Dog is absolutely no use to you, the owner, if you cannot safely take it with you in public. At a Street Dog Competition, we give you every opportunity to test the training of your dog and your ability to make good decisions and handle your dog safely. We stress obedience and we frown on dogs that make their own decisions regarding protection. The scenarios at our competitions change. You will never see the same scenario being used over and over.

We offer three classes of competition; Sleeve A, Suit, and Pro-Am Off Leash, (Money Class.)
Also offered: Non-Competition Class – Sleeve B

No Award Dog, (N.A.D.)
You may enter your dog into one or all of the three classes mentioned above, however you may only compete for an award in one class. You must make this decision upon signing up. After making this decision, any additional classes would be for practice and experience only – no awards. We expect honesty and integrity when you are making the decision as to what level to enter your dog when competing for an award. We reserve the right to deny an entry if it is obvious that a Handler is entering an advanced dog into a lower level, but not declaring this to be a No Award Dog.

Judging is based on three things:
Confidence – the ability to climb over objects, negotiate obstacles such as a-frames, jumps, etc.
Courage – withstand the threat levels of the helpers, discharging of guns, stick work, etc. 

Sleeve Class B: $20.00
**(Copy of Rabies certificate required at sign up).

This class is designed for beginner dogs and/or handlers. This is an on leash class. On leash means that a leash will be attached to the dog at all times, however you may be asked to drop the leash and move away from your dog. The scenario will be identical to Sleeve A, however the threat level imposed by the Desperados will be less intense. If required you may substitute the sleeve for a tug or rag in this Class. You and your dog will be judged and receive a scoresheet; however, you will not be competing for an award. This Class is intended to give you and your beginner dog exposure to the competition experience. If you enter Sleeve B you may not enter that dog into any other class on that day.

Sleeve Class A: $75.00 (Great Lakes & Southeast Championship Events - $100.00 )
**(Copy of Rabies certificate required at sign up).

In this Class you will be competing for an award. The threat level will be more intense. This is an on leash class. On leash means that a leash will be attached to the dog at all times, however you may be asked to drop the leash and move away from your dog. Hidden equipment (sleeves) may be used.

SUIT CLASS: $75.00 (Great Lakes & Southeast Championships Event - $100.00 )
**(Copy of Rabies certificate required at sign up).

In this Class you will be competing for an award. The threat level will be more intense than Sleeve A. This is an on leash class. On leash means that a leash will be attached to the dog at all times, however you may be asked to drop the leash and move away from your dog. Hidden equipment, (suits), may be used.

PRO AM: $150.00

25% of the sign up will be paid to the first place dog (Only in Pro Am Class)




No Alcoholic Beverages.

No drugs, this will result in being banned from Street Dog Events for life!

No overnight camping without prior permission.

No littering, please use the numerous containers. (This includes cigarette butts and gum).

Barking must be kept to a minimum.

Dogs must be leashed at all times.

No dogs allowed in the spectator area.

The event staff has the right to ask you to remove your dog if they feel the situation is unsafe.

Remain alert. Children are not always cautious when approaching dogs. If unsure of your dog, please crate.

Cleaning up after your dog is your responsibility. (Tools and receptacles will be provided). If you fail to clean up after your dog you will be asked to leave the grounds.

Time schedules are strictly enforced. (You snooze – you lose!)

Dogs are not to be worked in the parking area or any other area during the event.

Handlers must provide proof of inoculations for each dog entered. The dog must be inoculated against Rabies, Canine Distemper and Canine Parvovirus in order to compete. We will keep the copy that you provide for the entire Season.

Children are to remain under constant supervision by an adult at all times.


You will be automatically moved up to Suit Class for the following season if you win the Gold Star in the Sleeve Class.

Handlers and dogs must be present to receive awards.

Judges will rate breeds on their own merit, slower breeds will not be penalized because they lack speed.

If a training mode is called by the judge, all points for that part of the exercise will be lost. Training mode will only be called in the Sleeve Class B.

Collars/Restraints: Only one device may be used on the competition field. Your choices are flat collar or harness. You may not use a pinch/prong, choke chain, or electric collar.

Judge’s decisions are final – no exceptions made.

Female dogs in heat, including 10 days post heat, are not allowed on any Street Dog Event property. This includes competition events and/or training.

Dogs are not allowed on or near the competition field when another dog is working on that field.

Dogs that are limping or have open wounds will not be allowed to compete.

You will be disqualified immediately, with no refund, if your dog urinates or defecates on or near the field. (Near is defined as the entrance fence to the competition field, starting gate/cones, or on/around the competition field.)

Commands: Regardless of language being used; i.e., French, German, etc., you may only give one command. Multiple commands, such as the use of a whistle, along with verbal, will result in points being deducted from your score.

If a desperado makes a mistake that affects the judging, full points will be awarded for that portion of the exercise for all dogs entered in that level. (This call will be made by the lead judge and/or Jerry only).

Physical abuse of any dog will not be tolerated. If observed you will be immediately disqualified, with no refund. If necessary, management reserves the right to ban you from any future Street Dog Competitions and/or events.

You will be immediately disqualified, with no refund, if you lose your composure resulting in an outburst, including foul language while on the field.

Order of competitors will be from a random draw during sign-up.

Desperados are not to be thrown to the ground unless specifically instructed.

Honesty Disclosure – in order to protect the desperados please disclose before the competition if your dog has tendencies to bite hands or face. This information will be relayed to the desperados. You will not be penalized.


79871 Kidder Rd., Bruce Township, MI 48065  - (810) 798-2474



Street Dog Training and Competition
is a test of obedience and courage.

Not every dog can stand up to the rigors that are required.